Monday, September 7, 2015

Your LQ Access is suspended

People read guidelines? really?

Nope. I will not be back.


On Sep 6, 2015, at 9:17 PM, <> <> wrote:

Apparently you have not familiarized yourself with the LQ Guidelines. The link is on the left-hand side of the Topics List page.

Under the subject of List Administration is the following:
19. Please address all comments, questions, and concerns to a Moderator or the website owner via email. Do not post messages of an administrative nature or query on the board.

You were contacted by me regarding the topic I happened to be reading on my own (we do not read all postings, there is no paid or volunteer staff to do such a thing), when I saw the posts. Of course I know the context, that is not the point. Both you and Mr. Strickert were going around the word filter. That was the point and both of you have been contacted about it.

We do not catch everything which goes outside of the guidelines, that is virtually impossible. But if we do become aware of something, we contact the individual privately to address it. That is what has occurred.

Unfortunately, you have just compounded the issue for yourself, thus your account is now suspended.

If you will agree to follow the guidelines, your access will be restored.

Brad Vincent
LQ Webmaster

Posted on Sunday, September 06, 2015 - 8:00 pm:   

It is odd that I'm contacted and censored by LQ management while they let let people like Dr. Strickert, Mr. Baker, and Mr. Gorman post some of the most utter b.s. everywhere else on this forum:

I believe my post was about cable companies censoring homosexual references from their movies (for example, Jesse Ventura calling has teammates slack-jawed ______s for refusing some of his chewing tobacco) then I noticed I couldn't even post the word here, and mentioned that. As a result, my entire post was deleted.

I've had to remove the word again below so it will post.


Hi Tim,

Your posting where you tried to get around the word filter on Luther Quest (use of the word ### via spelling it as “#_#_#") was removed. Getting around a software word filter is not something we appreciate.

As some background, the word filter is part of the software we use is preloaded with numerous swear words along with other words considered inappropriate, especially for a Christian discussion group. We have even added some over the years. It is not an attempt to quash writing but to keep the topics in line without name calling or foul language. While the word “___" is not a particularly strong expletive these days, it is in the word list for a reason. The topic of homosexuality can be addressed very easily on LQ without the need for using terminology that does not help stay focused.

Thank you.

Brad Vincent
LQ Webmaster

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