Friday, March 18, 2011

Commemoration of Issues, Etc. Cancellation

Issues, Etc. Producer Jeff Schwarz
LCMS, Inc. Termination Debriefing
Courtesy of Board of Communication Services
This is the anniversary of a notable event, an LCMS Night of the Long-Knives.

MAR 18 2008 (Monday of Holy Week)

The LCMS cancelled the radio program bearing the name “Issues, Etc.” The Executive Director of the LCMS Board for Communication Services, David Strand, directed KFUO-AM management to remove immediately all references to the name “Issues, Etc.” from KFUO-AM broadcast programming and website. According to Strand, “Once the decision to discontinue ‘Issues’ had become public, modifications had to be made to the KFUO-AM website to reflect the changes in the programming schedule and to remove references and links to the discontinued program... Many things had to happen quickly on the afternoon of March 18 to make the necessary changes to the programming schedule on the AM website and to remove references and links to ‘Issues, Etc.’”

They're still here. Listen to them at

Don't forget:  April 14, 2008 -- March on the Purple Palace (AKA Prayer vigil at LCMS International Center, Kirkwood, MO).