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Pistol-Whipping Pastor-Publisher

Pr. Paul T. McCain:  "...I do not intend to use this pistol as part of my ministry, unless somebody tries to shoot me while performing it."

Tim Schenks:  "While performing it? Do you carry your pistol into church, CPH and the International Center?"

Pr. Paul T. McCain:  "I adhere to all laws of the state of Missouri and any other state I am in. Now, why do you ask? I would note again, Tim, your propensity for *only* posting snarky remarks on my blog site. Why is that? I want an explanation."

Tim Schenks:  "You have a way of bringing out the snark in me, Pr. McCain."

Pr. Paul T. McCain:  "I’m sorry to hear that, Tim. Because of that, you are no longer welcome to comment on this blog site."

--- On Wed, 4/13/11, Paul T. McCain <> wrote:
 From: Paul T. McCain <>
 Subject: A question
 Date: Wednesday, April 13, 2011, 8:15 PM

Mr. Schenks,

Over the years, I can not recall a single time when you have posted a comment on my blog site that has not been rude, snarky and frankly, looking to pick a fight.
Can you help me understand why? I don't get it.

 Paul McCain


Dear Pr. McCain,

I won't deny that I have posted rude, snarky responses to posts of yours that were themselves rude or snarky on websites such as ALPB discussion forum or Luther Quest discussion forum.  If you want to discuss those, be my guest.

As for rude, snarky or intent on starting a fight on your own Blog ... I don't think so.  If you considered them offensive then I'm sure they didn't make it through your moderation screen, indicating that they remain private comments and we should talk about them if you wish.  If you want to discuss any of those, let's do it.  But I couldn't find any such posts on your Blog using Google, so I have to disagree that every post has been in the manner that you claim and I can't exactly remember everything I've posted on your Blog in the last five years.

Here's what I could find:

NEW CPH WEBSITE  July 26, 2007
"You erased my wishlist!" (Someone else replied ditto)

I asked about Luther's proposal to train children in four different languages to use them all in the Divine Service.

"This is great!"

"Pr. McCain, be careful promoting Google search because..."
You:  "That's okay too!"

"How did their membership double or triple while attendance remained static?"

TASTE OF CHICAGO!  June 21, 2008
I related how we now have Chicago-style hotdogs and also gyros in my home town.

Asked question about why Seminarians or Uncalled Pastors aren't refusing to serve congregations who unscripturally remove their pastors.  Recieved a reply from Pr. Cwirla.

Made a comment about someone comparing a Mac to a Ferrari (I didn't agree). Asked if Mac use is taught in the Seminaries because so many LCMS pastors I know use them (I was serious).

Asked if any material by Dr. Robert Preus was in the new Bible. Question was answered.

Asked a question about the Apocrypha and Luther Bibel.

My statement of my fault in a misquote on a message board, that there weren't as many Luther hymns in the new hymnal, was related on your blog that you had overheard from a third party and labeled as taking the cake in the "silly rumor" category.  I informed you on your Blog that I was in error and had been corrected by the COW Chairman, to which you replied that you were glad to repeat that it was certainly not true.

I stated that the picture reminded me of the Spanish Inquisition from Monty Python. 

NOAH'S ARK  June 30, 2006
I stated that the wood from the arc was probably used for building materials or firewood.

Asked about Seminary examination of students in light of Pr. Fenton's defection to the EO Church.

Now-dead hyperlink to my pictorial entry for the Burgundy Book contest.  No comment made.

"Can you run Lutheran Service Builder on it?"

WHICH BOC DO YOU USE?  Oct 22, 2006
"Bente/Dau 1922.  Waiting on the Revised Concordia."

"Thank you for adding the Confutation.  That is really cool."

Me:  Concern about the hairball going up in flames.
You:  Not to worry, just the camera angle and perspective.

"We sang all 10 stanzas today!  It was great." re: Speratus

I commented that Baptism is never invalidated and can't be repeated.

Me:  "Pr. McCain, are you saying I should tell my pastor that everything he told us in Bible class about "The Little Ordination" is wrong?"
You:  "I find no support for the view."
You:  "(Not saying Alleluia).. as fundamentally stupid, silly and reeediculous!
Me:  "What if this adiaphora offends people?"
You: "Then they should get over being offended.  See today's post on Christian maturity."

My reply was that it sounds like the Orange Catholic Bible from the Ecumenical Translators in Frank Herbert's Dune novel.  Science Fiction!

I asked if NIV Self-Study footnotes will be added to the new Concordia ESV.  You answered no; brand new.


Soli Deo gloria.
Yours in Christ,
Timothy C. Schenks

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Various Quotes I Want To Remember

The Inspiration of Scripture: A Study of the Theology of the 17th Century Lutheran Dogmaticians, Robert Preus, CPH, 1955, 1957

Preface - [B]itter invective was the rule in all controversial issues, the fact that abhorrence, hatred and intolerance of false doctrine, all of which seems so strange now, was a guiding principle then ...

...their stubborn, unrelenting assaults on Romanism, Calvinism, unionism and everything not strictly Lutheran.

...their rigid adherence to the Lutheran principle of sola scriptura and in their doctrine of verbal inspiration, tenets which are not cherished by the majority of modern theologians and historians.

They would not have hesitated to overthrow the doctrine which they had inherited if they had thought it contrary to Scripture.

Church and Ministry Today, The Luther Academy, 2001

Pg. 23 - ... Maurer says, "Therefore, to fear no one and to set for the truth freely and openly is not a test of the pastor's courage; it is a matter of office and command. Those who preach should not wear out and let themselves be chased into a corner, nor should they become impatient and creep away into the wilderness. Public service demands a person who is willing to risk everything and who is totally committed, who is tough when things are tough, and who will not be frightened or silenced." To minister publicly means to witness for the truth in season, at every opportunity, no matter what the consequences. And the minister has the divine call to do this. (Dr. Robert D. Preus, The Doctrine of the Call in the Confessions and Lutheran Orthodoxy)

Pg. 33 - The call is always permanent. The notion of a temporary call is inconceivable in the nature of the case, and therefore the matter is not even considered by Luther or the Confessions or any Lutheran theologian. The function of the ministerial office, Calov asserts, is to work for the church as a servant (diaconus), not as a lord, to do the work of the evangelist to the grave, to guard and be an example to the flock, an angel of God's revelation of His Word. One never quits such a calling. As the immediate call in apostolic times was for life (until God Himself called the person to a new place), so it is with the mediate call. It is permanent and irrevocable, unless God Himself intervenes. (Dr. Robert D. Preus, The Doctrine of the Call in the Confessions and Lutheran Orthodoxy)

The Theology and Life of Robert David Preus, The Luther Academy, 2009

Pg. 49 (David Scaer) - In some ways the post-Seminex war syndrome presented the LCMS with more problems than those the conflict resolved. Where the liberalism of the 1960s was soon recognized as a not-so-subtle form of unbelief, neo-evangelicalism with its dependency on the Bible slipped its nose under the LCMS tent "while men were sleeping" (Mt 13:25).

Pg. 118 (Oliver Olson) - [At the 1953 convention Robert Preus commented:] "Issues of life are not decided by counting noses but by the Word of God."

Pg. 119 (Oliver Olson) - God does not hold us responsible for our "impact," but for faithfulness.

Pg. 122 (Kurt Marquart) - In the case of Piepkorn -- whom Sasse somewhere dismissed as the "high priest" of the American Lutheran liturgical movement -- we are dealing, for all the pedantic detail, with a very one-sided, not to say eccentric, interpretation of the Confessions.

Sasse's case is much more like that of Robert Preus, in that both men rose to global theological importance. For one thing, Sasse was a historical theologian and Preus a dogmatical one.

The standard orthodox Lutheran divines were for him (Preus) the legitimate heirs and executors of the Lutheran Reformation's legacy, laid down once and for all in the Book of Concord.

That explains why Robert Preus founded no distinct theological party or school of thought. Like Walther he strove only for the Lutheran equivalent of C. S. Lewis's Mere Christianity, that is, plain unvarnished, generic Lutheranism, if you will. Frills and eccentricities and hobby-horses Preus left to others. They did not interest him.

Pg. 132 (Kurt Marquart) - The point, however, is not to pine for new confessions while ignoring the ones we've already got.

Book of Concord

Preface 21 - In our lands, dominions, schools, and churches no other doctrine should be proclaimed and accurately set forth except that which is founded upon God's Word and contained in the Augsburg Confession and the Apology (when properly understood it its genuine sense). Opinions conflicting with these are not allowed.

At Home In The House Of My Fathers. Matthew Harrison, ed. Lutheran Legacy, 2009.

Pg. 68 - Despite our willingness to understand him [Grabau] and to do him justice, we are yet closer to the side of our brothers from Missouri, Ohio and Other States and their practices, even though regarding the so-called renegade preachers [Rottenprediger], they have become amiss here and there. (Letter from Wilhem Loehe October 24, 1851)

Pg. 103 - But as unpleasant as the first clash was at times, thus it always showed in the long run that despite many theoretical differences that have existed until now, the one love that binds all true Christians with a bond that cannot be broken -- the love unto the truth --  bound us on both sides so intimately together that not only could no discord generated by the intensity of the conflict remain but also, almost always to the end, we, unified in the truth, had to extend the brotherly hand anew. (Walther, Trip Report of the visit to Germany)

Pg. 108 - There is only one point that could violate our consciences deeply, if we are forced to bear it in the old way. It is communion fellowship with the United and Reformed. We do not recognize this as a mere emergency or exceptional state (Not- oder Ausnahmszutstand]. It burdens our consciences as a sin. No peace can be made with this situation. It is to be renounced as soon as possible and in every way ... as difficult and sorrowful as this could be for ourselves here and there. (Walther, Addendum to the trip report)

Pg. 130 - For loyal, positive Lutherans believe what the Lutheran Church teaches in its Confessions. A doctrine does not become an open question when supposedly loyal Lutherans are not in agreement. And whoever permits such doctrines to be treated as open questions surrenders the fortress of the Confession of our Church and is in reality no loyal Lutheran. (Walther, Why Should Our Pastors Subscribe Unconditionally?)

Pg. 247 - Furthermore, a synod that is "faithful to the Confessions," must also "c. supervise the confessional faithfulness of its members." (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

Pg. 248 - It is not even enough that it receive only such pastors and teachers as prove themselves faithful to the Confessions. It must also see to it that they remain that way; for only he that is "faithful to the end shall be saved" (Matthew 10:22, Luther Bibel). (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

But it is impossible for a sizeable church body to remain in the true faith if there isn't a constant check to see that everything is as it was in the beginning, when the pastor came to the congregation. Without visitation it is probably impossible for a church to remain in the unity of faith and confession. (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

Pg. 251 - The Preface to The Book of Concord says: We likewise purpose to cooperate with one another in the future ... through diligent visitation of churches and schools. (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

Pg. 253 - How we are slandered, what nasty names people call us, how horribly we are portrayed as loveless, contentious, arrogant, proud spirits, who regard themselves alone as orthodox and infallible! It is indeed not easy to bear this insult to which we are subjected. But, dear brethren, we must bear this insult. Regardless of how repugnant it may be [to people] in this age of religious unionism and religious indifference to remain aloof from those who do not teach pure [doctrine]: God's Word demands it. Someday God will make a fearful separation, against which no creature will be able to say anything. That is simply God's governance: always separate. According to 2 Corinthians 6:14, the Church is not allowed to "be unequally yoked with unbelievers." (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

Pg. 253 - But that is how false teachers usually condemn the witness of the orthodox Church; they say: "They are excommunicating us!" No, we say only, "We do not belong together, and we cannot participate in the falsification of God's precious Word." They want us to say, "We are of one heart and mind; you indeed falsify God's Word and proclaim your own ideas, but we won't let that make us enemies." No, a true church must consist only of those who are united in the true faith, as we heard in the opening sermon (on Ephesians 4:3), "One Faith."

For that reason, the Formula of Concord says:  We believe, teach and confess that no church should condemn another because it has fewer or more external ceremonies not commanded by God, as long as there is mutual agreement in doctrine and in all its articles as well as in the right use of the holy sacraments. [FC Ep X 7; Tappert, 493] (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

Pg. 260 - We read in Matthew 18 that in dealing with church discipline, the final step takes the matter to the congregation; and when it has been decided, Christ does not say, "Then the sinner can appeal to the pastor," but it says: "Let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector". Therewith Christ declares that the congregation is the final and supreme court from which there is no appeal. When [the congregation] has decided in conformity with God's Word, then the matter is settled. No one can protest against it. That is what Scripture teaches. (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

Pg. 264 - If a manifest sinner has been dealt with according to the steps of Matthew 18 and refuses to listen also to the congregation, Christ does not say, "Then go to the synod (or a consistory) as to a higher court," but He says: "The case is closed; then he is to be considered a heathen and a publican." (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

Pg. 265 - Yes, even a small rural congregation of seven families has as much power as all the congregations in America combined, because it also has Jesus in its midst, with all His grace and all the rights and merits He won for us on the tree of the cross. Let everyone who is in such a tiny little congregation take note and know that church matters are not like worldly matters. The smallest congregation is just as important as the largest one, and the largest is no more important than the smallest, because every congregation is great only because Christ is present in it. (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

Pg. 269 - For instance, Huelsemann [1602-1661] writes: "There is difference between dependence on the jurisdiction of another (church) and the obligation to preserve unity of faith and doctrine with all other particular Christian churches. The latter (obligation) is a matter of divine law (1 Corinthians 12:24f.); the former (dependence on jurisdiction) is a matter of human law governing the relationship of one congregation to another." (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

So the old Leipzig theologian wants to say: "Don't confuse the matter. That one church should always have the same faith [and] the same doctrine as the other, and on the basis of that doctrine, [have] the same practice -- that is a matter of divine law; for God says" "Endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. One body and one Spirit ... one Lord, one faith, one baptism" (Ephesians 4:3-6); [Luther Bibel]). And in 1 Corinthians 1:10, the apostle says: "I appeal to you, brothers, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree, and that there shall be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgement." However, that several congregations unite and that there then should be some sort of superiors over them -- that is a matter of human law. (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

Pg. 285 - On the subject of other pastors and whole churches becoming involved when false prophets arise, Luther writes:
... Such as situation is similar to a fire; if the landlord can't put the fire out by himself, then all the neighbors must come on the run and help to put out the fire ... so that the rest of the houses can be saved. ("On the Councils and the Church," 1539; Walch 16:2765f. Cf. WA 50:509-653; Aland 382) (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

Pg. 286 - But is the synod is upright [rechtschaffen], it is the greatest possible blessing for a congregation to have a group of other congregations and pastors for support. For if a fire breaks out, there are hundreds, -- yes, thousands -- of helping hands, or better yet, the united voice of a thousand people to help out. (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

Our synod has had the experience of a pastor giving offense to his entire congregation and dividing it into an endless number of factions. The synod, through its President and his assistants, came to their aid, with the result that almost all of the members were saved [gerettet]. The pastor had to leave ... But if there is a synod that maintains close doctrinal supervision, such cases will become more and more rare, for such as pastor knows that he cannot get by with what he's doing. And if he tries to lord it over the congregation, they will tell him, "Perhaps we should have the [District President] come down for an investigation," and then he'll quietly back down so as to head off such an investigation. (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

Pg. 287 - To put it another way: Synod as a whole, or by means of its District Presidents and Visitors [circuit counselors], or through its members in general, must provide sound counsel for the pastors who need it. (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

Pg. 289 - However, if this divine purpose is to be achieved, it is essential that Christians band together, mutually sharing and benefiting from these many gifts. That is what happens when you have a synod, and when the individual Christian knows, "I do not stand alone; I have a large number of brothers and sisters with whom I can share my needs; and if one of them has no solution for my problems, I can go to another for help, and eventually one of them will have the solution, because God will help them to find a solution." God leaves no one without help, so long as he uses all the means that are at his disposal. It is only the proud and haughty whom God allows to remain stuck. (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

Pg. 299 - God forbid that we ever get to the point where we merely put on a big show and then have a convention in which we discuss all sorts of peripheral piffle about ceremonies, rules, and insignificant trifles [armselige Lappalien]. Instead of that, may we always concentrate on the study of doctrine. (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

Pg. 300 - There are many things that one person cannot administer all by himself. How much more will it be necessary for a larger church body, consisting of a large number of congregations, to be able to discuss and consult with one another about possible ways to promote its interests! Therefore a synod's primary purposes are 1) unity of confession and 2) integrity of practices. (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

Pg. 301 - If the study of doctrine is not the number one priority at synodical conventions, then one of two things will happen: Either the convention will be manufacturing laws, or even worse, it will degenerate into an affair of mutual praise, love, assurance, and life insurance. (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

Pg. 305 - Regardless of how limited in ability your pastor may be, you can be sure of this: If you derive no benefit from the service, it is your own fault. (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

Pg. 317 - We cannot avoid offending one another, but we can let ourselves be reconciled, and then we can forget the whole incident. Otherwise God will say, "I shall do as you have done. I'll make up with you, but you'll have to go to hell anyway, because of the way you've acted; 'With the measure you use it will be measured to you' (Matthew 7:2)." (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

Of course, if he refuses to accept admonition, I must proceed to tell him in a friendly fashion, "It is your own fault that your sin has become public knowledge. Why didn't you accept our brotherly admonition?" (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

When someone goes too far but says, "Dear brother, I didn't intend to be so mean," I should immediately forgive him. But if I would respond, "Do you realize the full enormity of your conduct? Do you really repent of what you've done?" then I am being too legalistic [da wird die Goldwagegenommen]. That is wrong. We should not do that unless the offender has clearly demonstrated that he is a hardened and unrepentant sinner. In that case we must firmly inform him, "If you do not repent of your sin, you are lost." That is the proper procedure. (Walther, Duties of an Evangelical Lutheran Synod)

Article VI Conditions of Membership (2007 Handbook)

Conditions for acquiring and holding membership in the Synod are the following:

1. Acceptance of the confessional basis of Article II.
3. Regular call of pastors ...

Article XIII Expulsion from the Synod (2007 Handbook)

1. Members who act contrary to the confession laid down in Article II and to the conditions of membership laid down in Article VI or persist in an offensive conduct, shall, after previous futile admonition, be expelled from the Synod.

Bylaw 1.3.6 (2007 Handbook)

Districts and circuits are component parts of the Synod are obligated to carry out resolutions of the Synod and are structures for congregations to review decisions of the Synod, to motivate one another to action, and to shape and suggest new directions.

C.F.W. Walther -- The True Visible Church and the Form of a Christian Congregation, pp. 31-32

Quoting Hollaz: "Are schismatics true members of the church? I answer: Those who knowingly, willingly, maliciously, contrary to their own conscience, and moved by admiration of their own virtues and the purpose to offend others, incite trouble in the church, are not true members of the church. Schismatics, properly so called, are those who voluntarily and deliberately separate themselves from the church and cause divisions in it without any just cause, purposing only to disrupt its unity.

Martin Luther -- "On Maintaining Friendship and Love," Commentary on the Gospel of St. John, volume 24, pages 244-246.

It does not require such great skill to begin to love; but, as Christ says here, remaining in love takes real skill and virtue. In matrimony many people are initially filled with such ardent affection and passion that they would fairly eat each other; later they become bitter foes. The same thing happens among Christian brethren. A trivial cause may dispel love and separate those who should really be bound with the firmest ties; it turns them into the worst and bitterest enemies. That is what happened in Christendom after the days of the apostles, when the devil raised up his schismatic spirits and heretics, so that bishops and pastors became inflamed with hatred against one another and then also divided the people into many kinds of sects and schisms from which Christendom suffered terrible harm.

C.F.W. Walther -- "The Motives and Qualifications of a Genuine Church Member," Church Membership: Addresses and Prayers at the meeting of the Evangelical Lutheran Joint Congregation of St. Louis, MO., and Its Board of Elders, by Dr. C.F.W. Walther, CPH, St. Louis, MO. 1931.

A member of a Lutheran congregation should be able to distinguish pure doctrine from false doctrines. Only spineless Lutherans can say: "What do I care about doctrinal controversies! They do not concern me in the least. I'll let those who are more learned than I am bother their heads about such matters." They may even be offended when they observe that religious leaders engage in doctrinal disputes. A genuine Lutheran will not forget that in the Epistle of Jude also lay Christians are admonished "earnestly to contend for the faith which was once delivered to the saints." What is more, Christ warns all Christians: "Beware of false prophets." And St. John writes in his first epistle: "Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God, because many false prophets are gone out into the world." It is a settled fact that whoever is indifferent to false doctrine is indifferent also to pure doctrine and his soul's salvation, and has no right to bear the name Lutheran and the name of Christ.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Update on ULC in Minneapolis (Assault on the Gospel)

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Rev. David Dissen <>
To: Chapel of Hope Board List

Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 8:57 AM
Subject: Fw: [CampusTalk] Update on ULC in Minneapolis

Please keep this Campus Ministry and their pastor in your prayers, that God
will lead the District Board of Directors to keep their present place of
worship.  What a shame it would be to lose such a place, even as it would be
to lose the wonderful site and facilities that we have for our Campus
Ministry at SEMO at Lutheran Chapel of Hope.

I know Rev. David Kind personally.  I baptized him as an infant when his
parents were members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Beloit, Wis. while I was
pastor at Trinity.

Pastor Kind is a very effective, conservative and confessional Campus
Pastor.  All of them in his ministry need our prayers.

    In Christ Jesus,

    Pastor Dissen,
    Rev. 2,10b

----- Original Message -----
From: "Rev. Marcus T. Zill" <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 7:17 AM
Subject: [CampusTalk] Update on ULC in Minneapolis

> Dear everyone,
> It is with a heavy heart that I beseech you and your people to pray in
> earnest for Rev. David Kind, the members of University Lutheran Chapel
> in Minneapolis, and all or her members and students as they await news
> as to whether or not the Minnesota South District plans to sell their
> campus ministry building and leave them homeless. Pray also that the
> Minnesota South Board of Directors will be led to reverse their
> apparent course of action and not make such a shortsighted decision.
> In case you haven't heard, today (9/13) the Minnesota South Board of
> Directors is considering a proposal to sell University Lutheran Chapel
> to a development company for $3 million for the purpose of leveling it
> and developing apartments for college students. Of course, college
> students at the University of Minnesota can find other temporary
> places to live, but what they can't hear everywhere is the timeless
> and eternal Gospel.
> We were afraid that this day might come and unfortunately it appears
> it has. Make no mistake about it. This is an assault on the Gospel.
> However, we can take solace in the fact that we all have done all that
> we could and that we have a God who has a consistent habit of taking
> things that the Evil One means for our destruction, and using them for
> His purposes in ways that we can not even fathom.
> May God care for those most closely effected at ULC, comfort those who
> mourn such a loss especially the young and impressionable college
> students whom we all seek to serve together, and grant all of us
> further resolve to support and defend the preaching of the Gospel and
> the administration of the Sacraments on our nations campuses precisely
> for the sake of the Gospel and not mammon.
> God's will be done.
> Lord, have mercy.
> Marcus
> __________________________
> Rev. Marcus T. Zill
> Christ on Campus Executive, Higher Things
> 1309 Grand Ave, Laramie, WY 82070
> 307.745-5892 (study)
> 307.760-7497 (cell)
> "Confessing Christ on Campus Since 1517"

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Second Retirement of Pastor David Dissen

This post is a few weeks overdue. 

Pr  Dave Dissen recently retired after eleven years of part-time service as Vacancy Pastor of the University Lutheran Chapel of Hope in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and after over fifty years of ordination as an LCMS pastor.  He has also served as the Vacancy Pastor at my congregation -- Zion Lutheran Church in Poplar Bluff -- and Senior Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Cape Girardeau. Over the years he had supervised twenty LCMS Seminarian Vicars, including my current Pastor, Rev. Marty E. Reed.  His own vicarage was in Cuba at the beginning of the communist revolution there.  Pr. Dissen has also served as a Missouri District Vice President, member of the Board of Regents at Concordia Seminary, chaplain of the Cape Girardeau Fire Department and member of various synodical task forces.  According to Dr. Martin Noland's paper in The Theology and Life of Dr. Robert D. Preus, Pr. Dissen was president of Dr. Preus' International Foundation for Lutheran Confessional Research which was originally associated with the Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics series.  His chapel devotions are frequently seen reprinted in Christian News.

Here are the last letters he sent to the University Lutheran Chapel of Hope board of directors:

Greetings everyone,
    I want to express my sincere thanks to all you Board Members for the very thoughtful gift presented to me yesterday by Beverly Lewis at the Chapel service by the Board at my retirement. 
    Thanks so much for the digital desk clock and pad and also the very nice card.  I'm glad to see the numbers on the clock are very large.  At my age, large letters help.  Most of you don't know what I am talking about now but if you live long enough, you will experience it for yourself.
    Thanks also for the beautiful altar flowers.  It is not often that we have altar flowers for our Chapel services so this was an extra added touch.
    Thanks also to Curt Wills for providing the supper, to Kirk Sandfort for the very tasty and wonderfully decorated cake, to Howard Hemman for bringing the salad and Joyce Wollenburg for bringing special plates, napkins and also some brownies.  Thanks also to all those who cleaned up after the supper.
    These past eleven years have gone quickly.  I thank the Lord for permitting me to provide a Word and Sacrament Ministry to our college students and also to see some of the immediate blessings of this ministry in the lives of some of the students.
    You have a great leadership team for the future in Pastor Schwiesow and Matthew Younghouse.  Give them your continued support in the coming years as you have supported my ministry in the past.  You have been a true blessing to his ministry and will continue to be. 
    Thanks again for a wonderful retirement supper.  Since I have asked but have not received a "clear" answer as to who all was involved in planning yesterday's event, I will say to all of you and especially to those who did the planning: "THANK YOU SO MUCH" for a wonderful retirement gift.
    In Christ Jesus,
    Pastor Dissen,
    Rev. 2,10b
Tomorrow, May 8th, is our last worship service for this semester.  We worship at 5 PM with Holy Communion and supper after the service which is provided by the Board Members and co-ordinated by Curt Wills.  Thanks, Curt, for your help.
This is my last service in my present capacity since I am retiring from the Campus Ministry after the end of this month.  Pastor Wayne Schwisow and Matthew Younghouse are assuming the new leadership.  They are a real God-send to our campus ministry and, with God's blessings, will do very well.
Many thanks to all those who have been such a tremendous help to me in this vital ministry the past 11 years.  It has been a joy to be involved in this campus ministry.
No Bible Study next Wednesday.
All personal possessions must be removed from the campus facilities by the end of Friday, May 13th.  The locks will be re-keyed and your present key to the back door and the library/computer room will no longer work.
Congratulations to all our graduates.  May you be a blessing to many in the future. 
In Christ Jesus,
Pastor Dissen,
Rev. 2,10b
One of my many favorite hymns in The Lutheran Hymnal is "Stand Up! - Stand Up for Jesus!" I realize that some Christians do not like this hymn because they think that it is too militant! They don’t want to hear Christians singing about fighting and warfare! However, these Christians overlook the inescapable truth that this side of heaven we Christians are members of the Church Militant, not the Church Triumphant.
Jesus Himself reminds you and me and all His followers that in this life there is a daily battle going on between right and wrong, and truth and falsehood in which we are engaged. He states very plainly: "I came not to send peace, but a sword."
As Christian students at a secular college at SEMO in Cape Girardeau, you know all too well the constant temptations you have both on and off campus to become bed partners with sin, to silence and desensitize your conscience when it comes to sins of commission and omission, and to excuse and/or rationalize any covenant you make with sin and Satan.
Christians with a knowledge of God’s Word and an operative brain know that our college students (and all of us) are constantly faced with very powerful anti-moral and anti-Christian forces that confront all of us. These forces are evident in college professors and fellow students who ridicule the Bible and Christianity. These forces attack our Christian faith in classroom books that undermine the truth of God’s Word.  They assault our Christian faith and moral decency through the filth of poisonous pornographic magazines and the moral debauchery of inter-net websites that feed sinful lusts. They seek to destroy our Christian values through seductive and destructive movies, songs and TV programs that laugh at sin and chastity, ridicule Christian family life and make a mockery of Christ’s morally pure truths.
As you students either continue your studies at SEMO after I leave the campus ministry or as you pursue your chosen career after graduation, my prayer is that you will always "Stand Up - Stand Up for Jesus! Fight against all the treacherous forces of evil and your own sinful flesh by taking to heart the words of the hymn writer: "Put on the Gospel armor, Each piece put on with prayer; Where duty calls or danger, Be never wanting there."
Receive the daily strength that you need to "Stand Up for Jesus" by going to the Word of God’s Grace in which He assures you that He forgives you all your sins and removes the guilt and stain of your sinful lives because Christ died for you and rose again. Keep up your DBR degree—your Daily Bible Reader degree. Read it with reverence. Read it for the indwelling guidance and strength of the Holy Spirit. Read it to build up your Christian faith, life and character. Through the unconquerable power of God in His Word and His holy sacraments, He will use you to be a spiritual and moral blessing in this sin-perishing world and will on the last day give you the crown of eternal life by His grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Never be ashamed to "Stand Up! - Stand Up for Jesus!" and His Word of truth.

In Christ Jesus,
Rev. David V. Dissen,
Lutheran Chapel of Hope
PO Box 1465 Cape Girardeau, MO 63702
Tel.: Home: 573-334-5736 Cell: 573-837-0969
O God, help us always to Stand Up for Jesus! We pray in His holy name, Amen.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lord Have Mercy

Attached below is something one of my congregation's former presidents wrote to me four years ago.  This man was one of the ringleaders who tried to get rid of our pastor over the last four years -- through my entire brief experience as a church council member.  His bragging points over the years were introducing female membership to our voters about forty years ago (not a big deal these days), promoting theistic evolution, writing letters to the congregation stirring up strife and dissent.  He also suggested we emulate the practices of a RIM (LCMS charismatic/pentecostal errorist) pastor in Florida. He later transferred to a congregation that drove away four pastors in a row.

Dr. A.C.  Piepkorn wrote that allowing impenitent members to transfer for the sake of getting them out out of your hair is damage to the unity of Synod, but that's becoming a very common thing.

----- Original Message -----
From: --- ------
To: tcschenks@
Sent: Monday, July 02, 2007 9:37 AM
Subject: Convention

Hi: I was pleased to read you are a delegate to the convention. I hope the delegates in all their wisdom are able to help guide the LCMS in its path to bring Christ to the world.

The LCMS has been loosing members. There is a great diversity among the many individual ministers within the church. I have found that some are attracting people and some are repelling them. This seems to be caused by whether or not the minister follows an extremely conservative stance or not. For instance, although a member of the church since a child, I never heard any Lutheran minister expound his belief that the universe was created in 6 days time. They all seemed to realize that science has disproved this. A few years ago, a Lutheran minister expounded the belief in the 6 (24 hour) days of creation, contrary to all knowledge learned over the past 500 years. Now, this would not be harmful in itself, but it is the type of thing that drives educated people from the church, and the reason we are loosing so many people. Each week, I listen to the frustration of our parishioners in this reguard. I presume they vent their frustration to me because in the past I have help guide the church away from such archaic views as male only voters and positions such as male only secretary.

So, I would hope the delegates would be guided by the churches who are bringing people into the fold as opposed to those who are driving them away. I mention the above paragraph as just an example. In itself, it is not that important, but it is a symptom of the illness spreading its virus throughout the LCMS.

Best wishes, --- ------

Friday, March 18, 2011

Commemoration of Issues, Etc. Cancellation

Issues, Etc. Producer Jeff Schwarz
LCMS, Inc. Termination Debriefing
Courtesy of Board of Communication Services
This is the anniversary of a notable event, an LCMS Night of the Long-Knives.

MAR 18 2008 (Monday of Holy Week)

The LCMS cancelled the radio program bearing the name “Issues, Etc.” The Executive Director of the LCMS Board for Communication Services, David Strand, directed KFUO-AM management to remove immediately all references to the name “Issues, Etc.” from KFUO-AM broadcast programming and website. According to Strand, “Once the decision to discontinue ‘Issues’ had become public, modifications had to be made to the KFUO-AM website to reflect the changes in the programming schedule and to remove references and links to the discontinued program... Many things had to happen quickly on the afternoon of March 18 to make the necessary changes to the programming schedule on the AM website and to remove references and links to ‘Issues, Etc.’”

They're still here. Listen to them at

Don't forget:  April 14, 2008 -- March on the Purple Palace (AKA Prayer vigil at LCMS International Center, Kirkwood, MO).

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Walk in Your Vocation.

Volume 2 (That is, Year 2) of the English translation of Der Lutheraner, published by C.F.W. Walther in 1845, is now available.  Subscribe at

Excerpt from Volume 2, No. 2:

Walk in Your Vocation.

God's Word, command and work alone must be regarded, and that alone honored and praised and what comes along outside of God's Word and Command must all be reproached as something else.  Now when a maid tends to the chickens, a wife bears her children, a husband attends the labor of his hands, a prince or a lord has wicked fools knocked on the head, they should all be approved regardless of their station and say: God has done that.  But even if you had the ability to save all the world with your preaching and yet you did not have a command to do so, just leave that alone, for you would transgress the legitimate Sabbath and it would not be pleasing to God.

--Luther on Exodus 20:8-11

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Zion Chasuble

Dropped this off at Pastor's office today.  It's a white-parament fiddleback chasuble that we've donated to Zion Lutheran Church of Poplar Bluff, Missouri.