Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Update on ULC in Minneapolis (Assault on the Gospel)

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Please keep this Campus Ministry and their pastor in your prayers, that God
will lead the District Board of Directors to keep their present place of
worship.  What a shame it would be to lose such a place, even as it would be
to lose the wonderful site and facilities that we have for our Campus
Ministry at SEMO at Lutheran Chapel of Hope.

I know Rev. David Kind personally.  I baptized him as an infant when his
parents were members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Beloit, Wis. while I was
pastor at Trinity.

Pastor Kind is a very effective, conservative and confessional Campus
Pastor.  All of them in his ministry need our prayers.

    In Christ Jesus,

    Pastor Dissen,
    Rev. 2,10b

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> Dear everyone,
> It is with a heavy heart that I beseech you and your people to pray in
> earnest for Rev. David Kind, the members of University Lutheran Chapel
> in Minneapolis, and all or her members and students as they await news
> as to whether or not the Minnesota South District plans to sell their
> campus ministry building and leave them homeless. Pray also that the
> Minnesota South Board of Directors will be led to reverse their
> apparent course of action and not make such a shortsighted decision.
> In case you haven't heard, today (9/13) the Minnesota South Board of
> Directors is considering a proposal to sell University Lutheran Chapel
> to a development company for $3 million for the purpose of leveling it
> and developing apartments for college students. Of course, college
> students at the University of Minnesota can find other temporary
> places to live, but what they can't hear everywhere is the timeless
> and eternal Gospel.
> We were afraid that this day might come and unfortunately it appears
> it has. Make no mistake about it. This is an assault on the Gospel.
> However, we can take solace in the fact that we all have done all that
> we could and that we have a God who has a consistent habit of taking
> things that the Evil One means for our destruction, and using them for
> His purposes in ways that we can not even fathom.
> May God care for those most closely effected at ULC, comfort those who
> mourn such a loss especially the young and impressionable college
> students whom we all seek to serve together, and grant all of us
> further resolve to support and defend the preaching of the Gospel and
> the administration of the Sacraments on our nations campuses precisely
> for the sake of the Gospel and not mammon.
> God's will be done.
> Lord, have mercy.
> Marcus
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