Saturday, April 25, 2015

2015 Missouri District LCMS Convention

Looking through the Convention Workbook for the first time, as I've recently gone from Alternate to Voting Delegate:

I remember a few years ago, someone submitted an overture to give the District President more control over the pastor's conferences because no one was consulting with Pres. Mirly and he apparently wanted a say about it. So, the District voted to add the DP as a consultant or advisor (whatever that meant). At least that's how I recall it.

Now the MO District BOD is proposing outright control by the District Praesidium (and a couple of other people elected at convention) over the planning of the pastor's conferences.

See Resolution 3-07 (TChange Official Conference Committees) in the Convention Workbook at

This resolution is also being associated with President Harrison by name-dropping the ubiquitous Koinonia Project and that the resolution is “to conserve and promote the unity of the faith"???? What????

Side Note: Why are there so many resolutions submitted by the Board of Directors? If they would stop recommending all these ridiculous changes we wouldn't even need to have a convention this year, and I'm not even talking about time-wasters such as changing the by-laws to read Visitor instead of Counselor. It's like they're having to make up stuff to vote on.

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