Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dr. Robert Preus on Firing Pastors

I’m reading a book right now on musical pulpits or something like that.  It shows how many Baptists and Methodists and Presbyterians are getting kicked out of churches.  They don’t mention Lutherans because Lutherans don’t tell.  We’ve got these district presidents – they don’t want people to know how many guys they’ve gotten rid of.

But if you were to look at these musical pulpits you’d find that very seldom does a pastor get put out for the right reason.  They just don’t like the way he parts his hair, or his personality, or he’s not dynamic enough, or … oh I got the one!  He doesn’t have people skills.  Have you ever heard that one?  Oh boy!  Every time some Missouri Synod pastor gets shoved out he didn’t have people skills, which means he didn’t conform to the world.  Well, pardon my dogmatism.

Dr. Robert D. Preus on Luther’s Theology of the Cross (Audio Tape)

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