Saturday, October 9, 2010

Walther League

Some members keep stating that our current youth group (LYF) is simply a renamed Walther League.

I remember hearing that the old Walther League (eventually replaced by the Lutheran Youth Fellowship) was thrown out or disbanded because it had become too liberal or out of control.

Actually, the Walther League was the youth organization of the Synodical Conference, which no longer exists, although that's not the reason the Walther League isn't around any more.

The Lutheran Encyclopedia has a detailed history of the problems.


But how was this corruption allowed to happen in the first place? An old book published by the Missouri Synod listed only one reason for the Walther League's existence. The Walther League, an association of young people which has the object of keeping our boys and girls, as they grow up, faithful to their confirmation vows.

From The Story of Our Church in America (Told in Simple Words). Th. Graebner. Concorda Publishing House, St. Louis, 1922.

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