Saturday, October 9, 2010

Old Intercession for Communicants

Intercession for Communicants from the 19th Century Saxon Liturgy of the Missouri Synod

Lord Jesus, who callest unto Thee all those that labor and are heavy laden, to refresh them and give rest unto their souls, we pray Thee, do let these guests also experience Thy love at the heavenly feast which Thou hast prepared for Thy children on earth.  Keep them from all impenitence and unbelief, that no one may partake of this holy sacrament to his damnation.  Take off from all of them the spotted garment of the flesh and of their own righteousness, and adorn them with the garment of the merit earned by Thy blood.  Strengthen their faith, increase their love and hope, and once make them sit at Thy heavenly table, where Thou wilt give them that are Thine, to eat of the eternal manna and to drink of the river of Thy pleasures.  Hear us for Thy own sake.  Amen

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