Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Old Missouri Books

Zion on the Mississippi (CPH, 1953), hardback, 2nd printing

Service Prayer Book authorized by the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio and Other States, Second Edition (Army & Navy Commission, 1941)

Abridged Treasury of Prayers (CPH, 1930)

Book of Concord reprinted from the 1917 Concordia Triglotta by Bente/Dau with Historical Introductions by Dr. F. Bente (CPH, 1922)

Die Bibel translated by Dr. Martin Luther -- Old Testament, New Testament & Apocrypha (CPH, 1910)

Starck's Prayer-Book, from the German edition of Dr. F. Pieper; translated/edited by W.H.T. Dau (CPH, 1921)

Celebration Book of the 100th Anniversary of the Saxon Immigration (Local Printer, 1939)

Dietrich's Katechismus -- Luther's Small Catechism w/ Explanations by Dr. Johann Conrad Dietrich (CPH, 1904)

Luther's Small Catechism w/ Explanation (CPH, 1943) -- original would have been solid dark-blue, this is probably the 1950s/1960s reprint

Evangelical Lutheran Hymn-Book, Abridged Edition (CPH, 1927) - pocket-sized hymnal

Kirchen Gesangbuch (CPH, late 1910s/early 1920s)

Kirchen Gesangbuch (CPH, 1909 printing/1892 copyright)

Not in Picture:

Hymnal for Evangelical Lutheran Missions (CPH, 1905) -- a small olive-tan pocket-sized hymnal with the words Lutheran Hymnal on the front cover

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